You are currently viewing Netflix Hypnotic through the eyes of a hypnotherapist.

Netflix Hypnotic through the eyes of a hypnotherapist.

Just like most movies, Netflix Hypnotic has been designed for dramatic effect and while doing so creates a few misconceptions. These can be confusing for some people intending to seek help from a professional hypnotherapist.

Some will already consider hypnosis as being a dark art, with a bit of magic thrown into the mix, rather than a positive and helpful solution to many issues.  Hopefully, this short article will address some of those misconceptions.

Coercing the client

It is suggested in the movie that the hypnotherapist has the ability to implant a thought into the client’s mind and then be able to coerce them into doing something outside of their comfort zone.  In fact, this is quite a common thought for those who have not yet consulted with a hypnotherapist.

 In reality, the hypnotherapist helps the client to achieve a very deep state of relaxation whilst in total control. 

Any suggestions which are contrary to their normal beliefs and codes of acceptability will be rejected and the client will retain awareness and control.


A second misconception is that the hypnotherapist can utter a single word trapping the client into some mystical trance-like state.  Going into a trance is very natural and very common.  When we are relaxed, safe and comfortable we have the ability to drift off into a trance.  You will have experienced this yourself when driving.  You may have arrived at your destination and have been unable to recall parts of the journey.  The important thing is that you would have been able to snap out of your trance or daydream and refocus at will.

False Memories

Lastly, a hypnotherapist cannot implant false memories.  However, they can help a client into a very deep state of relaxation and focus where they can bring back memories from their own past.  Very helpful when trying to locate physical objects such as missing documents, passwords, keys, etc.  A similar technique can help to uncover forgotten events from the past that are still impacting on the client’s life.

Proper Advice

Talk to a professional hypnotherapist if you are considering hypnotherapy.  They will usually be happy to discuss the process and answer all your concerns before you commit to therapy.