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Clinical Hypnotherapy with Ken Cooke

I’m Ken and have been helping clients to overcome their unwanted behaviours, unwanted feelings and unwanted memories for many years.

During that time, I’ve helped them to stop smoking, lose weight, gain confidence and control habits such as drinking too much, all the way through to nail biting.

People also see me for their fears and phobias.  These can be very individual, but include snakes, spiders, heights and water.

An increasing number of clients are now consulting me about anxiety, stress and anger issues.  Perhaps it is a sign of the times.

Some of the most popular therapies

Clinical Hypnotherapy helps people to quickly and effectively overcome many issues.

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A man suffering with anxiety


Why suffer?  Start coping with whatever life sends your way.

Person who refuses a cigarette because they have quit smoking

Smoking & Nicotine

Reduce the cravings and give up the nicotine.

a bottle of alcohol with an empty wine glass


Have you had enough and want to lead a more fulfilling life?

fears and phobias snake

Fears and Phobias

How different will life be once your fear or phobia has gone?

a tape measure


Learn how to be your perfect shape and size.

Very confident person


Enjoy every minute with your new confidence and self esteem.

Angry man on the phone


Start to live a calm, happy and fulfilling life.

Pocket watch

Much More

There is so much more that hypnotherapy can help you with.

Start living the life that you deserve.