Angry person on the phone

Do you need help with your anger management?

Do you enjoy being angry?

How much of your time does it waste?

What makes you fume? Is it ......

  • other people’s actions and behaviours?
  • noise?
  • traffic?
  • being kept waiting?
  • rubbish?
  • untidiness?
  • incompetence?
  • lack of success?
  • past events or future event?
  • Anything else?

Does anger help you?

  • Do you feel regretful when you vent?
  • Have you noticed how it affects your body?
  • Does it change the things that you are angry about?
  • Have you unfairly hurt someone that you care about?
  • Have you lost friends because of anger?

Let’s face it – most things are outside of our control, but we can change the way that we think about them.

Hypnotherapy can improve your anger management

If you really want to get a grip on your anger, make a change now before it has a physical impact on you.

Hypnotherapy will not change those uncontrollable factors, but it can change the way that you feel about them.

Start living a happier, calm and peaceful life.  One that you are in control of.