Person who refuses a cigarette because they have quit smoking

Dying for a smoke?

Have you decided to quit smoking for good?
Have you failed before?
Hypnotherapy will help you this time?

Do you benefit from smoking?

Most new smokers want to fit in with the crowd, so perhaps originally you did benefit. 

Why do you want to stop? Is it ...

  • on doctor’s orders?
  • for improved energy?
  • the smell?
  • being thought of as weak willed?
  • pressure from loved ones?

What are the benefits of quitting?

  • Your blood pressure returns to normal.
  • Oxygen levels in your blood start to improve.
  • A little later carbon monoxide is eliminated from your body.
  • Your lungs start to clear out the mucus and other smoking debris.
  • Breathing becomes easier within a few days.
  • Your bronchial tubes begin to relax and your energy levels increase.
  • Within a few weeks your circulation improves, so walking and exercise becomes easier.
  • Then coughs, wheezing and breathing problems improves as lung function increases.
  • Your risk of heart attacks and lung cancer falls.