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What is hypnotherapy?

Most people are aware of hypnosis as entertainment.

Perhaps you have seen shows on T.V. and been amazed how the subject runs around the stage, clucking like a chicken, apparently under the absolute control of the hypnotist.

Have you ever watched a film where the evil character uses hypnosis on their way to world domination? Well, that is Hollywood.

Can you remember pictures in the Jungle Book when you were young? How about Kaa – the snake with those terrifying hypnotic eyes? Well, we prefer not to have clients running around the office unless they want to.

I don’t want to dominate the world and I don’t have hypnotic eyes. So, let’s talk about hypnotherapy.

A professional hypnotherapist will guide their client into a trance, which is a perfectly natural state and can be covered in detail in another post. Briefly, they will usually be in a state of heightened awareness and feel very relaxed.

They hear everything that is being said, even if their minds drift away onto everyday mundane topics, such as shopping for food or preparing the evening meal.

Although the client is always in full control, their subconscious minds are more open to positive suggestions. The therapist can use the heightened suggestibility to treat all manner of conditions and unwanted behaviours.

More and more people are turning to hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking, for Weight Management, to overcome sleeping problems, to banish fears and deep-routed phobias, stress and anxiety and certain medical conditions. The list is almost limitless, so it is best to Get in Touch rather than assuming that it won’t work for you.