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What to expect when seeing a hypnotherapist

Most of my new clients are seeing a hypnotherapist for the first time and want to gather information before proceeding.

Considering the following is also important.

Preparing for the first meeting

Write down any questions that you have.  Perhaps you will be asked when you first experienced your unwanted feeling or sensation and how long it lasts for.  Do you experience it when in someone’s company or on your won.

Having that information at your fingertips will make that first meeting more constructive for you.  

Finding the right therapist

Most professional hypnotherapist will offer a free consultation of some kind.  This is the opportunity to find out more about hypnotherapy and whether it is suitable for you.

The hypnotherapist will ask you about the changes you want, outline how hypnotherapy may help and welcome any questions that you have.

By listening to their questions, you will know if they are the right person to help you.

A good hypnotherapist won’t rush you into a decision but suggest that you consider it for a few days.

Picking a suitable time for seeing a hypnotherapist

Don’t be rushed when seeing a hypnotherapist and pick an appointment time to suit yourself.  Perhaps a day when you have less commitments.  Worrying about making the next meeting will be distracting and will not yield the best results.

The Environment

Hypnotherapist’s offices are usually less formal than that of a doctor or dentist.  They will promote relaxation with comfortable chairs and are peaceful places to be.  In fact, the offices are ideal, because many unwanted distractions have been eliminated.

How many sessions will be needed

Some issues can be handled within one therapy session and others will take longer.  Make sure that the hypnotherapist gives you a clear idea about this.