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Hypnotherapy and New Year’s Resolutions.

I am often asked “what can hypnotherapy do?” and the short answer is that it can change the way they think. This allows them to get rid of unwanted feeling, memories, behaviours and to start living a happier, positive, and productive life.

A look at the clients that I assisted during January is always a good example of why people look for hypnotherapy to help nudge their New Year’s resolutions over the line.

These are some of the people that I have helped in January and obviously their names have been changed.

John stopped Smoking with Hypnotherapy

The New Year is always a popular time for smokers to kick the habit and this year was no exception.

One of them was John, who had tried to quit many times in the past with nicotine replacement therapies, such as gum and patches. He even tried vaping for a period, until he read articles about their potential danger.

John had been on patches for a good part of last year and although they helped him to reduce his smoking, they hadn’t completely worked.  For example, he would pop down to the bar with a patch on and still smoke cigarettes.

He was convinced in December that he would be an unhappy smoker for the rest of his life.

John was the first call I received in the New Year and he came in for a Free Initial Consultation.  We discussed the benefits that were important to him, including health (his mother died from smoking), smell and not upsetting his new partner, who was giving him a hard time.

He decided to come in for the treatment a few days later and after one session, he left my office as a non-smoker.  Just over a month has past, so it is still early days yet.  However, the feedback from John is that he hasn’t even considered smoking since we met.   

Sean controls Alcohol after a Free Consultation

This is also a popular reason for people to contact me in the New Year.

After having a boozy Christmas, Sean came in for a Free Consultation and he explained how his consumption had increased since he retired.  It was beginning to cause him a problem and alienate some of his family.

We talked about all of the good things that he would be able to do in place of drinking.  These included hobbies and sports that he had once enjoyed and also some travelling that he wanted to do.

He phoned me a few days later to say that he didn’t need any therapy.  He had joined the gym, polished his golf clubs and was planning a trip.

All Sean needed was jto get a couple of things off his chest and receive a little guidance.  He is very happy having the occasional drink now.

Jane’s Social Anxiety has nearly gone.

Jane came for a chat before Christmas as she was worried about going to parties.  Her anxiety had been building over a couple of years and had reached the stage where she was avoiding contact with her friends and neighbours.  There is a forthcoming memorial event that she feels duty bound to attend, but she came out in a cold sweat whenever she thought about it.

Jane had once been a very relaxed and gregarious person and couldn’t understand what had changed.

Over the course of three sessions in January, we were able to identify a forgotten incident that triggered this anxiety.  Jane was then able to accept that it wasn’t worthy of attention and is now meeting with friends again.  Confidence is building as she runs through, in her mind, this year’s important memorial event.

We will meet one more time, just to check that she is going to have a great day.

Mary’s Nail Biting is a thing of the past.

This is quite common with younger people, but Mary has continued to bite her nails for many years.  She hates it. Although it was the focus of our meeting, she still wanted to hide her hands.

We talked about how her life would change once she had stopped and she came up with a long list of benefits.  We worked on those over two sessions and she is now proud of her progress. 

It will take a while before she has long nails, but her confidence is sky high.  Mary is now achieving what she had thought was impossible. Her hands are now on show, whereas they had been hidden away for years.

Ann’s Fear of Flying helped with Hypnotherapy.

Ann desperately wants to attend her daughter’s wedding this summer. 

She used to be a regular traveller, but hasn’t flown since the start of Covid.  A change took place in her mind and any form of travel worried her.

I offered her a Free Initial Consultation and we discussed how she felt about each step of the journey.

Getting a taxi to the airport was an issue and she was uncomfortable as we discussed arriving at the airport, security, the departure lounge, boarding the plane and finding a seat.  She had done all these things regularly in the past, but the take-off was a particular concern.

We have agreed on four sessions between now and the summer, rehearsing each part of the journey, from packing the bag to arriving at the final destination.

Since the first session Ann has already packed the bag, taken a taxi to the airport and spent some time hanging around inside the terminal.  None of this would have been possible four weeks ago.

During the next sessions we will walk her through, security, the departure lounge, buying a snack, the boarding gate, finding the seat, take-off, chatting on the plane, landing and arriving at her destination.

Her confidence in flying is slowly returning and she will be fully prepared for her daughter’s wedding this summer.

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Those are just five examples where hypnotherapy can help to achieve change and a little help can make an amazing difference. 

Ask me if you want to change any aspect of your life and we can discuss if hypnotherapy is right for you. 

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