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Is Hypnosis Safe for Weight Loss?

Before we look at weight loss, it is important to mention that there are those people who suffer from deep routed eating disorders. Hypnotherapists can usually help them, but not with a conventional weight control programme. In fact, it is important to find a therapist that understands you and one that you can work with, before you start any therapy. Preferably, meet them in person.

Now, for most of us there are times during our lives when we want to lose weight. Maybe summer approaches and we want to wear that swimming costume. Perhaps we have taken out our favourite suit and know that we won’t be able to fit into it for so and so’s wedding. We all have our own reasons.

This is the time when several of us turn to diets. Let’s face it, new diets come in and out of vogue every year and there are also those that people have been trying for years. Diets are usually “goal driven”. We start them and then look forward to the time when we have achieved our intended weight or size. We usually revert to our previous behaviour and the weight goes back on again. Unfortunately, diets don’t work in general.

There is some confusion about hypnosis and weight control. I’ve had clients request, that under hypnosis, I give the instruction that they cannot open the cupboard or fridge doors. We are not in the business of starving our clients. We want to help them to lead happy and fulfilling lives. And, guess what they would do as they get home.

There is no quick fix, but hypnotherapy used in a structured way can make it very much easier to control your weight by developing healthy and long-lasting eating habits.

Let’s go back to the beginning. In early childhood we had healthy eating habits. We asked for milk or food when we wanted it and rejected it when we had had enough. The baby cries for milk and then turns away when satisfied. That is healthy eating.

A little later in life, external influences come into play. Perhaps the parent pushes food into the child’s mouth accompanied by “here comes the train”. A little later still, the child might hear the words “eat it all up, or you won’t become a big strong boy”. These suggestions, and many others, have a lasting impact on our behaviour.

Hypnotherapy can help us to regain those healthy eating habits that we were born with. We can begin to recognise and pay attention to two sets of signals. One tells us when we need to eat and the other tells us when to stop. Over the course of a few session a hypnotherapist will help you to pay attention to those natural signals and change the way that you eat.

It is not an immediate fix, but you will start to develop positive and natural behaviours that can be carried forward for the rest of time. So, yes hypnosis is safe for weight control. The first step is to chat with a clinical hypnotherapist.