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What does Alcohol do?

In the U.K. it is now considered to be unhealthy for both men and women to drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week.  You can click on this link to find out how many drinks that is.

Most people are aware that apart from the pleasures associated with drinking alcohol there are some very real issues. 

Have a read though the following lists and see if you recognise any of them – either in yourself or a friend.

Some of the Behavioural Signs

  • Lacking interest in normal activities.
  • Needing to drink more for the same results.
  • Being tired, unwell or cranky.
  • Not being able to hit the “Stop Button” or say no to an offer of a drink.
  • Being secretive and even dishonest.
  • Mental health issues such as Anxiety and Depression.
  • Sleep Disorders.

Some of the Physical Symptoms

  • The Brain and Central Nervous System can suffer long term damage leading to strokes, comas and death.
  • The Heart Muscle can become enlarged making it inefficient.
  • Disrupted Heartbeat.
  • There can be a reduced calcium uptake effecting the Skeletal System.
  • Muscle Wastage.
  • The skin may be affected by Psoriasis, Itchiness and Dehydration.  Sometimes, the Skin on the Palms of the Hands will appear red.
  • Because of a reduction of white blood cells there is a greater risk of Pneumonia, TB and Other Viruses.
  • The digestive system can become inflamed resulting in Diarrhoea, Internal Bleeding and Liver Disease.
  • Cancer of the mouth, oesophagus, liver, breasts, colon and rectum.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Many people find that just being aware of these is sufficient to change their behaviour, but others find it more difficult and need to seek help.

These are just some of the ways where hypnotherapy can help:

  • By removing any underlying or historical causes for unhealthy drinking habits.
  • By reducing and eliminate cravings.
  • By signalling when “enough is enough”. 
  • By creating a preference for lower or non-alcoholic drinks.
  • By promoting a desire for a healthier lifestyle.