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Feeling Anxious?

Am I Suffering from Anxiety?

Do you feel tense when dodging in and out of heavy traffic?  How about rushing to an important appointment, or even just meeting someone for the first time?

Similar moments can promote stress and anxiety, helping us to concentrate and guarding us from being physically or emotionally hurt.

The mind usually resets to a normal state once the event passes by.

Anxiety becomes a problem when worries about future events are persistent.  Even to the extent that the mind finds it difficult to focus on the “here and now”.

What Physical Symptoms Can I Experience?

These are just a few of the most common ones:

  • Shortness of breath.
  • Diarrhoea.
  • Tiredness.
  • Aching Muscles.
  • Insomnia.
  • Headaches.
  • Pins and needles.

It is important that you discuss any symptoms with your medical doctor.

Can I Reduce My Anxiety?

These tips can help you to reduce your anxiety:

  • Taking sufficient exercise.
  • Eating a healthy diet.
  • Sleeping well.
  • Relaxing for a few minutes after a stressful incident.
  • Looking on the bright side of life because the bad things might never happen.
  • Seeing a hypnotherapist can identify and eliminate any events in the past that cause today’s issues.

Check with your medical doctor that any changes to your physical behaviour are suitable for you.