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Could You Be Suffering From Anxiety?

I’m not asking this question because I expect you to be suffering from anxiety. In fact, the odds are that you aren’t, but being aware helps you to spot the possible symptoms in yourself or others and to build empathy.

An increasing number of people seem to be suffering from anxiety today, or are aware that it does effect a considerable portion of the population.

The stigma that used to be associated with mental health is thankfully reducing as respected figures and celebrities are now publicly announcing that they have, or have had, their own issues.

Kim Basinger recently described her own issues in a televised discussion where she explained that she had to relearn everything after years of anxiety disorder. You can view a brief extract on Youtube at

Anxiety effects everyone in different ways, but in the main the symptoms include: being tense, short of breath, a racing heart, butterflies, panic attacks and sleeping difficulties. In the case of Kim Basinger, this also included having to relearn everyday things such as driving a car.

Anxiety raises its head as comfort zones are breached and life seem to be out of control.

Many of the things that happen on the international stage are beyond most people’s control. Covid-19 didn’t help. Neither is the Ukrainian war, or the the price of oil, or the cost of living increases.

Try some of these tips to reduce anxiety during the day:

Stop watching the news – it is mainly bad.
Set aside a time each day for checking emails and social media. Then follow that with a relaxing activity.
Do some exercise.
Phone a friend, but make a list of good stuff to talk about first.
Most importantly – stay away from people who upset you.

That is a starting point, but if you still think that you could be suffering from anxiety, do something now. Anxiety has a tendency to worsen over time. Don’t allow yourself to become anxious about being anxious.

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