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Hypnotherapy for PTSD

Who suffers from PTSD?

It is assumed that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) usually effects current and former members of the military. However, everyone in our society can suffer from it after a traumatic shock.

In fact, having a successful job and family life does not necessarily prevent the effects of PTSD.

Many of those who suffer, do so in silence and neglection can exacerbate the problem.

What are the effects of PTSD?

People who suffer from PTSD can experience a wide range of unwanted emotions, such as the inability of connect with loved ones or being engaged at work and in social environments.

Ignoring PTSD can lead to drugs and alcohol issues and finally to chronic depression.

When do these Unwanted Emotions occur?

It is not the same for everyone, but grim thoughts tend to occur with triggering events.  Event that brings back memories from specific times in the past.

The mind is more prone to focus on them when the body is at rest, which can lead to sleepless and emotional nights.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Professional hypnotherapists will have been trained in techniques to change the client’s perception of specific past events.  The memories will still be there, but they won’t hold the same emotional charge as before. 

The links between the trigger and resulting thoughts will be broken.   Once treated, the client will not relive the old events again.

The effectiveness of focused hypnotherapy will ensure that the number of sessions required can be kept low and provide the client with comfortable treatment plan.

What to do Now?

Arrange a Free Initial Consultation with a professional hypnotherapist before things worsen.

You can request a Free Consultation by clicking here.   You will discover during that meeting, how we can help you and what to expect.