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Fear of Flying

Many people find that hypnotherapy can remove their Fear of Flying. If you, or someone you know, struggles with this issue, consider hypnosis.

Tailored treatment ensures the very best result, and usually follows the path described below.

FREE Initial Consultation

This first meeting is important and there are four steps to it.

  1. You will learn what to expect during a hypnotherapy session.
  2. We will discuss your fear in depth and analyse the elements that cause you the most worry.
  3. You will receive a tailored treatment plan suggesting the number of sessions required.
  4. We will answer all questions so that you can later decide if hypnotherapy is right for you.

Therapy Sessions – What we work on.

Therapy sessions can take various forms according to your needs. 

For example, if you worry about the noise of the engines at take-off, we will concentrate on that. You will be fully relaxed and comfortable during the flight.

Other people require help with every aspect of travelling. This can also be accomplished by following the tailored treatment plan.  Every part of the journey can be addressed, from booking the ticket, traveling to the airport, parking the car, arriving at departures, checking in cases, passing through security, queuing at the departure gate, boarding the plane, finding your seat, stowing your hand baggage, fastening the seat belt, listening to the safety announcement, the take-off, interacting with fellow passengers and the cabin crew, the landing, passport checks, collecting baggage and the onward journey.

Therapy Sessions – How it works

You will already know what to expect from your Free Initial Consultation.  You will be in a deep state of relaxation, which allows helpful suggestions to change your prospective of forthcoming events.  This means that you will feel confident and relax whenever you experience the moments that you feared in the past.

Therapy Sessions – Checking that the work is successful

Walking through each concern whilst in hypnosis will ensure that you will be relaxed for your trip.

You will find that every step of your journey is relaxing.  Security will be a breeze.  Buying a present in the Duty Free will be a real pleasure. The flight will be so enjoyable and everything will be so easy.  You will be able to arrive at your final destination happy and relaxed, wondering why you hadn’t tried hypnotherapy before.

What to do next

Request a Free Initial Consultation.  It won’t cost anything and you can consider – in your own time – if it is something that will help you.

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You can find more information from the NHS by clicking here.